Fig. 3. Partial bleb failure following clear corneal phacoemulsification with foldable IOL. A. Preoperative bleb appearance prior to temporal lens extraction. Preoperative IOP was 12 mm Hg on no antiglaucoma medications. Time from 5-FU trabeculectomy surgery to lens extraction was one year. B. Bleb appearance 2 months after clear corneal cataract surgery with topical anesthesia. Following lens extraction, increased vascularity was noted along with decreased size of the filtering bleb. IOP increased to 20 mm Hg as early as 2 weeks after surgery, necessitating topical antiglaucoma therapy. C. High magnification view of bleb before lens extraction demonstrates diffuse pale bleb. D. High magnification view of bleb 2 months after surgery. There are vessels surrounding the nasal side of the bleb and the overall bleb size is smaller.