Fig. 8. Complications seen in hypertensive retinopathy. A. Branch retinal vein occlusion (chronic with vascular remodeling at the site of occlusion) B. Fluorescein angiogram demonstrates collateral across the median raphe and multiple microaneurysms. C. Macroaneurysms straddling arteriovenous crossing with cuff of edema and circinate edema residue. D. Fluorescein angiogram demonstrating halo of nonperfusion surrounding macroaneurysm pair. E. Central retinal arterial occlusion with partial macular sparing cilioretinal artery. F. Fluorescein angiogram demonstrating absence of central retinal arterial filling with cilioretinal arterial filling and early retrograde perfusion. G. Retrograde flow continues to diffuse into the retinal arteries from cilioretinal source.